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our company.

For anyone who wants to invest in residential property, to create passive income and build wealth so they can achieve their life goals faster, and with way less risk. We help you create a life by design, not by default.

we believe…

That everyone has a right to a life of freedom, choice, and abundance.

That the greatest impact we can have on our community is by helping people to build wealth,

so they can directly and indirectly benefit the lives of those around them.

That through innovation and empathy, we can democratise property investing,
change lives, and change the world.

our dream team

The people in our company are mirrored in who we serve. Like attracts like, right?

Our team of a-players enjoy what they do each and every day and refuse to settle for less.

We exist to improve the lives of others by helping people to make intelligent property decisions.

founder story

Goose and Gabi created Dashdot in 2018 after feeling frustrated at the system that continued to fail them when it came to achieving financial flexibility and lifestyle freedom.

With any good startup story, we were founded on learning the hard way.

After not being able to find the solution they were looking for themselves… they decided that the most reliable way to predict their future is to create it!

Dashdot was born out of failed past experience, and the relentlessness to not give up on cracking the code on effective property investing.

the dashdot values.


We know that creativity always wins. We create new ideas that prove useful and re-conceptualize issues to discover solutions to hard problems challenging prevailing assumptions, and suggest better approaches.


People First: We always do what is in the best interest of the people we work with. We practice empathy, we are flexible to unique needs and emotions of others - we know we are better together. We seek to build and deepen relationships and see what we do as a contribution to a greater community. We care intensely about our clients and Dashdot's success.


We seek to create change. We are bold in your actions, ideas, and communication and never afraid to carve a new path. We practice courage, lead from the front and inspire others and know that the greatest leadership comes from serving others.


We are always striving to get to the next level and have a desire to grow in all areas of life; Personally, Professionally, Emotionally, Financially, Intellectually, and Spiritually. We want to help others to grow in all of these areas too. We inspire others with our thirst for excellence.

dashdot insider.

The auditory epicenter for passionate people looking to create a life of freedom, choice, and abundance.

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