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it’s data + heart that drives our performance

Dashdot Technology’s innovative processes have empowered clients to achieve an average of 15.5% annual growth rate (vs the 5.4% 30-year national average) and 6.1% rental yield (vs the 4.0% national average).

Dashdot’s vision is to create a world where finding the right properties aligned with your financial goals is effortless.

Utilising our advanced technology and exceptional client service, clients are not only able to make their first investment confidently, but also continue to expand a profitable, scalable property portfolio with ease.

the right property, the right place, the right time

harnessing technology for exceptional property investment returns

Identifying suitable markets to invest in isn’t a simple task.

No two markets are the same in time, and individual markets change over time. New developments open, houses deteriorate, children are born, demographics change, populations shift, and the world progressively enters new eras of technology that drive how, when and where people work and live.

When this is combined with predicting domestic and international macroeconomic forces, and the complex dynamics that drive every local economy, it seems somewhat unfair to give the task of selecting an investment property to any mere mortal. Predicting all the drivers of property prices is simply too complex.

This is why Dashdot exists. Our suite of in-house software and predictive models allow us to craft personalised long-term property acquisition strategies and identify the right property, in the right place, at the right time for each client.

in-house software

property portfolio planner

An in-house software enabling clients to build personalised property portfolio plans with optimal returns and minimal risks.

Our Portfolio Strategists will work with you to:

Clarify and establish clear portfolio goals

Model any existing properties in the portfolio

Create a personalised plan for future acquisitions to reach your goal

Three years in the making, Dashdot Property Portfolio Planner is possibly the company’s most elegant solution so far, fusing Dashdot’s profound property market knowledge to come up with the most optimal plan to achieve your goals, and build wealth to live a better life.

in-house software

suburb selection dashboard

An in-house software leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify the best suburbs for growth and cashflow across the nation, allowing our clients to invest in properties that outperform the average.

This product aggregates data from 16 different sources including State Police on crime, ABS for building approvals, income and census, Corelogic for market data, RBA for interest rate, … and so much more.

Each month this solution ingests 2.6b data points from these data sources, and the result are here:

On average, in the first 12 months from settlement our clients have enjoyed 15.5% growth.

Over 24 months they’ve enjoyed 34.4%.

And over 36 months they’ve reaped 65.31% growth.

That’s averaged across over 150 suburbs we invested in, in 6 states, over the last few years

proprietary models

price & rent forecasting models

Dashdot’s proprietary models took two years to develop, and can forecast suburb prices and rents up to 15 months into the future.

These models harness the power of 60 macro and micro indicators (36 of which are exclusive to Dashdot), identified after analysing over 500 potential real estate, macroeconomic, and socio-demographic factors.

Each model underwent an exhaustive testing process involving every statistically significant suburb in Australia over the past three years. This rigorous analysis resulted in over 151,812 separate forecasts for both price and rent within these regions. The median deviation for these predictions was impressively marginal, with a mere 5% for price and 4% for rent.

property performance

APEX report

Dashdot APEX report is a powerful and highly effective property investment analysis tool providing all the insights you need to understand the financial performance of a property over the next 30 years.

To date we’ve invested over $5 million (and counting) in research and development.

As we continue to invest each year in our technology suite, we remain committed to making property investment more accessible and affordable.