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Get insight into the finer details before you get started. If you can’t see your question answered here. Book a call and let’s get personal.


What do I need to prepare for the call?

View the video to ensure you understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it.
Be ready to focus on the call, preferably in a quiet place with no distractions.
Be open and ready for change and questions. We’ll ask you many questions since it helps us guarantee that everything we do will work for you. Consider the following before we begin: What is your estimated borrowing capacity? How much money do you have in savings? What are your goals?

Who will be taking the call?

Should I buy now or should I wait?

Can we get started if we have not yet been approved for financing?

How much money do I need to start?

We recommend that you have borrowing capacity, enough savings, and/or equity for a 90k minimum. Although this is not due up front this is the base we suggest to get started.


Can I purchase using SMSF?

What is the average price of the properties you buy?

Should properties be purchased through a trust, and how much will this cost?

Can you buy two houses at the same time if the bank approves a loan of $1 million?

How do you overcome the bank serviceability issues?

Do you ever recommend higher-priced properties?

Why are your fees upfront?


How long does the process take from the Discovery Call?

How long does it take to secure a property?

Do you recommend accountants, brokers, property managers, lawyers, and tax agents?

What happens if I don’t like the property that you present?

Who will help me/us through this process?

Everywhere has done well over the last few years, why should I work with you?

What makes you different from a buyer's agent?

Can I work with an agency, or is there an exclusivity clause when we work with Dashdot?

How does Dashdot make money?

Do you have partners on the ground for inspections?

Do you consider potential insurance issues? i.e. houses in flood or fire-prone locations where insurance may be difficult to get?

Do you take into account the cost of repairs or renovations?

How often do you review client portfolios and report the results to clients?


What do your typical results look like?

How will the increase in Interest rates affect my results?

Have you ever had a property that did not perform well?

What percentage of properties you have bought for your clients have had negative ROI?

What actions do you take if your client's properties do not reach the growth targets you set?

Can you buy two houses at the same time if the bank approves a loan of $1 million?

How do you overcome the bank serviceability issues?

Do you ever recommend higher-priced properties?

What does “Cashflow Positive” mean?


How do you get your insight into hot spots?

How do you identify the best suburbs and properties?

Where do you typically buy property?

Do you only purchase in rural areas?

Can you source subdividable properties?

Why established homes and not new builds?

Do you have the ability to acquire off-market and under-market properties?

Is it preferable to acquire numerous properties or just one?

Is it possible to buy 5 properties in 5 years?

Can you explain how you buy multiple properties for your clients and grow their portfolios over time?

How do you approach clients looking to buy multiple properties at once?

Is it simply the location that matters?

How important are socioeconomic aspects in your property search?

Do people buy houses without first inspecting them?

Do you provide an Exit strategy? If so, do you assist in selling the properties?

What about strategies for elderly adults who have a limited working life horizon?

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