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Here’s the beautiful thing about data.

It doesn’t care about public opinion.

It just shows you the unvarnished situation and removes all irrationality.

And by analysing the data is how we help our clients find amazing property investing opportunities.

Luckily, most of our clients appreciate this approach, too.

But maybe none of them appreciate it as much as Kirsty and Ryan.

See, both Kirsty and Ryan work in data science.

And even as they look to develop income outside their day jobs…

They know it’s still data-driven decisions that’ll help them get what they want out of life.

And what they want is enough money and freedom to travel the world with their two beautiful kids.

So, we looked at the data and found them this amazing investment property:

Property #1

Purchase Price: $459,000

Gross Yield: 5.9%

Cash required for purchase: $137,657

Months Since Purchase: 6.9 months

May 2023 Bank Valuation: $510,000

Total % Growth Since Purchase: 11.11%

Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $51,000

Return On Capital Invested: 33.76%

Purchase Price


Est Value


Land Size


Property #2

Purchase Price: $425,000

Cash required for purchase: $86,394

Months Since Purchase: 2.5 months

May 2023 Bank Valuation: $425,000


Notice how Property #2 hasn’t grown in value – yet? That’s because it’s only been 2.5 months. 

And Kirsty and Ryan aren’t bothered one little bit. 

Because, well, we’ve looked at the numbers. 

And we all know that growth is coming. 

Kirsty and Ryan are not even waiting around for it to happen. 

Instead, they’ve asked us to set Purchase #3 in motion. 

Just goes to show how letting data — and not emotions — run your decisions can breed so much confidence, no?

Now, if you’re interested in experiencing the same data-driven magic for yourself…

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