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Benny is the adorable two-year-old daughter of our clients Shane and Mel. 

Apart from being cute as a button…

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more financially secure little tot. 

See, Benny’s parents have set her up for a life of freedom, choice, and abundance. 

Shane is a talented plumber who runs his own plumbing and excavation business…

While Mel works as a hairdresser. 

They lead a relatively chill life…

Attending local music gigs and cheering on their favourite local footy team in their free time. 

But while they’re doing that…

We’ve been beefing up their investment portfolio for them. 

Having already made two investments before working with us…

They were impressed with how our first venture proved to be an absolute screamer: 

Property #1

Purchase Price: $445,000

Gross Yield: 6.2%

Cash required for purchase: $127,279

Months Since Purchase: 10

March 2023 Bank Valuation: $577,000

Total % Growth Since Purchase: 29.66%

Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $132,000

Return On Capital Invested: 103.86%


Encouraged by the staggering $132,000 growth they saw in less than a year…

Shane and Mel have entrusted us with their second and third properties, both currently underway. 

Needless to say, they’ve set up little Benny for a pretty awesome life. 

And when Benny’s a little older…

Her parents tell me they plan to equip her with all the right tools…

…and all the financial education she needs…

…so she could continue the cycle of securing the family’s future for generations to come. 

What a lucky kid!

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