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Are you interested in investing in property…

But don’t know where to start?

Then I’m sure you’d be interested in Nic’s story.

He’s a 27-year-old telecommunications engineer from Melbourne.

And he’s a guy with one simple dream:

To be able to purchase a home in Victoria with his partner.

Of course, he knew that that meant he needed to save… A lot.

So, he did.

To make it happen, he continued living with his parents…

And made sure he set some money aside every month for his dream home.

But Nic’s big dream fell through because he and his partner suddenly broke up.

Later on, Nic decided to work on a new goal:

Build enough wealth to have more flexibility in life.

See, he’s always looked at property investing as a more stable and controlled way of building wealth…

As opposed to other investment vehicles such as crypto and share trading.

But that’s just about everything he knows on property.

Being from Melbourne…

He initially thought to save up more money so he can afford an investment property near him.

After enlisting our help…

Nic was able to broaden his perspective on the types of properties available outside Melbourne…

And how he can start investing in these properties to accelerate his wealth-building goal.

Of course, we also helped him find and purchase his first property investment.

In about 6 months, we successfully found Nic a property in Mandurah.

After the first inspection, it was leased for $20 above the rental appraisal from his first property manager.

Here’s how his first property performed at a glance:

Property #1

Purchase Price: $330,000

Gross Yield: 6.6%

Cash required for purchase: $72,333

Months Since Purchase: 6.2 months

November 2022 Valuation: $373,000.00

Total % Growth Since Purchase: 13.03%

Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $43,000

Return On Capital Invested: 61.7%


Settling this first purchase has been the catalyst for Nic to change his entire investment thesis. 

He’s now bent on becoming a rentvestor…

And continue scaling his portfolio to reach his goals.

He also shared that he plans to push through with purchasing a forever home in Victoria one day— with the help of his property portfolio.

Do you want us to help you kickstart your property investment journey just like Nic?

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