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Have you ever noticed how often people respond to the question “How are you?” with…


I don’t know about you, but it seems that no matter what we do in life, we always seem to be stretched thin. This is the problem that Ricardo and Maria faced too. You see, as passionate medical professionals, they have always felt mission driven in their work… which has naturally led to working long hours, and late nights. And then, combined with raising a young family, they started to feel like they were missing out. Like there was more to life. Which is why they decided to reach out for help. You see, as much as they love their work, they love their family more… and wanted to create a pathway to being able to buy back time, and spend more priceless time with their family. Passionate history buffs, they have visions of being able to take their family on extended holidays to learn the stories of the world. A vision they knew would not come to fruition, unless they started to actively turn that dream into a reality.


When Ricardo and Maria first spoke with us, the brief was fairly simple… Seek out a combination of growth, and cashflow, and aim to get the maximum ROI. Little did we know that we were going to find two properties for the price of one! You see, the property that we helped them to buy was actually two detached houses on one block… and they had been grossly undervalued by the selling agent. In fact, by all market comparisons, each of the houses would sell for approximately $330,000… which would make a fair market value of up to $660,000…


We bought the whole lot for just $440,000!

Not only that, these properties are yielding at 6.3% making them significantly cashflow positive!

Property #1

Let’s look at some of the stats:

  • Purchase Price: $440,000
  • Est Value: $660,000
  • Land Size: 889m2
  • Yield: 6.3%
  • PH%: 5%
  • Vacancy Rate: 0.2%
  • Owner Occ: 61%
  • Flood Zone: No
  • Value Prop: Strata Subdividable, Solid Yield, Good Location

Now, with a result like this, it is no wonder that we are already planning another purchase.

These guys are now well on their way to buying back time, and living a more free and fulfilled life.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Hey Gabi, Goose and Nick, sorry it took me a while to write this review but I wanted to be detailed and reflect how happy we are with Dashdot. Thanks a lot for your help.

I hope this review stops people from beating around the bush and book in with you guys ASAP.

Prior to getting in touch with Dashdot, my wife and I already had an investment property which we were reasonably satisfied with but not too impressed with the whole experience.

More recently I read about Dashdot through Facebook and had a chat with Goose who explained their business model and I was impressed from the start.

The "TLDR" version is that these guys found us an awesome property at a great price, even negotiated it for a slightly lower price, and upon settlement we had instant equity, a cashflow positive property and potential for a significant return in appreciation if, (more like, when) we divide the two units that we bought together.

Now, the more detailed version also needs to mention the great work that these guys do to get us there.

You deal directly with them. Always available to answer any questions, quick to report with any update, and you can see they have a lot of experience very clearly in that they don't miss one detail, are on the ball with every aspect of the transaction and apart from their team at Dashdot they also put us in contact with other great teams for other needs (they have great contacts for brokers, conveyancing, property management, etc., or you can use your own).

Essentially, we had to do very little in the whole process as these guys take care of as much as you ask them to and do a great job at it.

One thing we were impressed as well is that these guys don't fool around.

As soon as our initial interview finished, Goose told us "ok guys, these is how we're going to proceed, get this and that ready and we're ready to roll".

At start it felt a little rushed but then I realized that they're not here to waste anybody's time.

The process happened incredibly quick, but at the same time very smoothly.

Guys, thanks again for your help. It was a pleasure to deal with you guys. I'm sure everyone will love your energy, cheerful attitude, motivation, sense of humour, etc., let alone your great work.

We are getting ready to "rinse and repeat" and needless to say we're going with Dashdot again. I wish we found you before we bought our first one!

Ricardo and MariaThis is what Ricardo and Maria had to say