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Like most couples, Muz and Mandy wanted more from life. They wanted to regularly go on vacation and see the world… They wanted to be able to make decisions without thinking about money… And if their interests changed… they wanted to be able to afford it.

Ultimately, they wanted to earn enough passive income to be free to work whenever they wanted to. And they decided many years ago to make their dreams come true via real estate. That was why they decided to buy some properties on their own.

…But it didn’t turn out well for them.

So, they decided to get help and book a call with our team.

What they wanted was clear: Strongly appreciating assets that will support longer-term growth and further investment.

We got them exactly that. And at the same time…

We exceeded their expectations!


You see, Muz and Mandy had it in mind to acquire just one property… We helped them get two houses and two titles but in a single purchase. Essentially… Muz and Mandy got an additional house for free! That’s why, 6 months later, the couple has a return of 120% on their capital. They’ve tripled their investment!

Property #1

Here’s how the full deal played out:

  • Purchase Price: $465,000
  • Gross Yield: 6.7%
  • Cashflow: $4,779
  • Cash required for purchase: $86,071
  • Months Since Purchase: 8
  • Valuation: $565,000
  • Total % Growth Since Purchase: 21%
  • Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $100,000
  • Return On Capital Invested: 121.7%

Property #2

  • Purchase Price: $420,000
  • Gross Yield: 6.3%
  • Cashflow: $4,783
  • Cash required for purchase: $85,544
  • Months Since Purchase: 9
  • Valuation: $465,000
  • Total % Growth Since Purchase: 10.71%
  • Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $45,000
  • Return On Capital Invested: 58.2%

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Again DashDot delivered amazing results in terms of the property that they found for us. It will truly tick all of the boxes, relevant to our strategy. This was followed up by the attention to detail, forward-thinking service that we have experienced previously with DashDot. On top of this, they are awesome humans.”

Muz and MandyThis is what Muz and Mandy had to say

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