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Gross Yield = Cash flow Positive


Have you always dreamed of living and enjoying life to the fullest, ticking the to-dos in your bucket list…

But don’t have enough time for it? That was a problem one of our clients, Ali, was facing before deciding to work with us. You see, just like you and me, she’d always dreamed of changing her life and doing the things that she missed out on years before. Time with her family. Time to travel. Time for herself. But, being the busy professional that she is, Ali knew that it wasn’t going to happen any time soon…

Unless she started taking action now.

Realising that the key to more time, more money, and more freedom is having the right investment strategy, she came to us right away so she can start buying back her time! Pandemic or no pandemic, she was more than ready to start making her dreams a reality. We were very excited to present her with this lovely property that’s cash flow positive in an area where media rents, and median prices are skyrocketing!

Property #1

Check out the stats:

  • Purchase Price: $300,000
  • Gross Yield 6.1%
  • Cashflow: $184.40
  • Cash Required for Purchase: $85,975
  • Months since purchase: 18
  • December 2021 Bank Valuation: $350,000
  • Total % Growth Since Purchase: 16.7%
  • Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $50,000
  • Return On Capital Invested: 58.4%

With her first property purchased and more planned this year, she is well on her way to taking that dream vacation overseas with her family—and maybe start checking off some boxes on her bucket list!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I can't recommend Goose and Gabi from Dashdot highly enough, their service level is exceptional. Both Gabi and Goose genuinely want to help you to secure a great property and are committed to helping you in any other way that they can, on the property journey.

I was very impressed with the information provided to me supporting the property put forward, and the recommendations provided a huge amount of confidence that the property is a fantastic investment.

The process went very smoothly, the team that they introduce you to, to support you are also exceptional, with a very high service standard.

I just wish that I had known about Goose and Gabi from Dashdot earlier, they are very knowledgeable, committed, non intimidating and genuine people that give a lot of themselves to help others on their property journey. For me time, knowledge and confidence was something holding me back and I am very grateful for your help in purchasing my investment property.

Thank you so very much and I just love your podcast The Investor Lab.”

AliThis is what Ali had to say