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If you like the idea of owning positive cashflow properties, please read on.

Grant is a business owner who has good business experience and Hazel a data engineer. Not only that… They want a lot out of life – and have big dreams! They want to learn. They want to grow. They want to develop themselves – physically, mentally and socially. And also want a buttload of money!

Which is why Grant and Hazel started investing in property. There was just one problem …. They didn’t know jack about the real estate market! So they decided to turn to a team of experts who live, breathe and sleep property investing!

During our initial chat with the Melbourne couple, they told us exactly what he wanted:

  • They wanted us to acquire strongly appreciating assets on their behalf.
  • They wanted these assets to support longer term growth and further investment.
  • And they wanted it yesterday.

We accepted the challenge and our high performance team swung into action. Soon enough we found and purchased a property that fit their profile. With amazing results! This property has an impressive yield of 8.3%. It’s also posted a return on investment of 89.3% in just 11 months! And what’s more? It will bring them more money in the future!

Property #1

Here are the stats of the property:

  • Purchase Price: $282,500
  • Gross Yield: 8.3%
  • Cashflow: $9,861
  • Cash required for purchase: $85,463
  • Months since purchase: 11
  • December 2021 Bank Valuation: $349,000
  • Total % Growth Since Purchase: 23.5%
  • Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $66,500
  • Return On Capital Invested: 89.3%

And that’s not all. We are already in the process of acquiring another investment property for Grant and Hazel.

Keen to explore your own property strategy?