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What Makes A Good Buyers Advocate

So you want to finally begin your real estate investment journey—congratulations!'

And you’re probably here because you’re looking for a buyers advocate or buyers agent to help you out.

To simplify the role of a buyers advocate, what we do is this: we help you find the best property to buy, based on your needs and we make the process as smooth and as hassle-free as possible for you.

Well at least, that’s the basics of what we do. There is actually a lot that goes into real estate investing and that’s exactly why we’re here—to make sure that the stress is lifted off your shoulders.

From prospecting and property searching based on your preferences, to negotiating, inspecting, and closing of the sale, we’ll be there with and for you. Stating the obvious, we’re going to work really closely together. After all, our purpose is to make sure that your best interests are a top priority. And the only way we’ll know your best interests is to build a strong relationship with you.

Now, how do you think will get your relationship with a property buyer's advocate to spark and work?

Remember, you’ll essentially need to get the buyer's agent into your life in a way, telling them about your story and your goals. You’ll need a buyer's advocate who will truly advocate for you.

How can possibly a stranger like me put your needs first?

Well mates, it’s that thing called empathy.

Empathy is basically the ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes. So, you kind of feel what the other person is feeling. One may feel empathetic about someone else’s situation because they’ve also been in a similar predicament.

You might ask how empathy plays a role in real estate investment. Aren’t we just buying a property? No need to be all dramatic about it.

Sure, let’s drop the drama. But here at Dashdot, we see real estate investing as something more than just buying property.

To us, real estate investing, when done right, can give you financial freedom. Once you’ve achieved that, you can have more time and money to do anything you want. You can pursue your passion, spend more quality time with yourself and your family, and secure your future overall.

And without empathy, a property buyers advocate will not think about those things, at least not for you. Heck, we can just simply ask what kind of house you want to buy and just recommend the cheapest we find without carefully taking into consideration factors like equity growth.

You see, I’ve been there.

Three years ago, I was broke, living in my office. My partner and I have been working our bums off for 100 hours or so a week. We were always stressed out and exhausted, and despite all the work, it seemed we never really had the chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

At the back of our minds, we knew there’s gotta be more to it. That can’t be it, right?

Does this story sound familiar to you? Is this your story, too?

Just like others, just like you, we had the Australian dream. And this is what makes us similar. This is where our empathy comes from.

Of course, it can’t be empathy alone.

A property buyers advocate also needs to have actual skills and knowledge. We can’t run a business, close deals, and achieve success on empathy alone!

You’d know you found a good property buyers advocate who’s worthy of your business if they are:

  • Good communicators — listens as much as they talk
  • Proactive — doesn’t have to be called just to provide updates about a prospect or sale; doesn’t have to be told what to do and when to do it
  • Adaptable and flexible — can adapt to your needs and be able to read you regardless of your preferred way of communicating (whether it be text, email, video conference or an actual face-to-face meeting)
  • Respecting of your time — understands your time frame (when do you want to finalise that sale) and respects your time by sending or submitting deliverables on time
  • Make time and effort to know you and your goals — provides a personalised approach to real estate investment process to tailor-fit your needs
  • Committed to achieving your goals as you are — a buyer’s advocate must look out for your best interests and work hard to find you the best deals and investment opportunities

So now, of course, you want to know if I’m the kind of Melbourne property buyers advocate that has all these qualities. It’s easy for me to say YES, DEFINITELY! But I want you to discover that yourself.

If you’re itching to get started on your real estate investment adventure, with the help of a property buyers advocate that you can trust, book a call now so we can chat!

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