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What Can You Discover From the Locals About an Area?

When searching for a high-performance property, you’ll sift through a ton of data.

You’ll learn about local valuations, demographics, and all of this complex stuff…

But you may not realise that your future neighbours could hold the most valuable information at all. The people who live in the location you want to buy in can offer some valuable insight that you won’t get from the data.

And they’ll do it in a way that you might not expect.

The Negative Feedback That Can Lead to a Positive Outcome:

  • Spend some time asking questions from the locals.
  • Talk to them about what it’s like to live in the area and about any problems that they have with the location.

Now, here’s the key.

You’re not necessarily looking to buy in an area that has completely positive feedback. A lot of positive sentiment from the locals suggest that an area’s in demand.

That means it may have already peaked in terms of growth. Plus, you may find it difficult to get a property for below the market price.

What you’re looking for is to find the locations where local sentiment is quite low.

That may seem counterproductive at first. After all, why would a tenant or buyer want to move into a location that the locals don’t love?

This is where your data comes back in.

At Dashdot, our research allows us to highlight the locations that are on the verge of an upswing. If that location also has negative local sentiment, it means one thing.

We can buy a property below the market value in preparation for the growth that our data says will happen.

Once that upswing in the local market comes, the property will experience huge capital growth. That means you have more equity to use for growing your property portfolio.

Like we said, it seems like a counterintuitive strategy.

But buying in locations that the locals don’t love could be the key to finding a high-performance property. 

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