You’re ready to take the plunge…

Property investment excites you and now you’ve decided to go all in… 

…It’s time to take control of your financial future, right? 

Not so fast….!

Before you dive headfirst, you may want to pause for a second.

Many investors fall prey to shortcut pitfalls. 

These are three of the biggest that stop you from finding High Performance Properties.

Shortcut #1 You’re All Heart

For better or worse, emotions rule many important decisions in our lives. 

However, letting your emotions rule over your property investment decisions may be a mistake.

Especially if you discount or skip proper research altogether.

Research should be the first thing you do, starting at the macro level. 

This includes:

  •  national view – government spending by state, interstate migration, job growth
  •  new government policies, trade agreements, anything that may shift economic prospects

One part of your research should be looking at overall economic trends. 

Know how they may apply to the big picture.

Next, you should also research at a micro level. 

This is where you start to pinpoint different areas. 

Focus on important data like:

  •  demographics
  •  lifestyle
  •  vacancy rates
  • local economy

This is where your research zooms in and starts taking at a closer look at certain areas.

Shortcut #2 Being Less Than Thorough

So you think you’ve found the right property for that investment. 

You want to strike while the deal is hot. 

But have you truly investigated this property thoroughly?

Why is the owner selling?

Did you have the relevant inspections to check for structural defects or pest infestations?

The temptation may be there, but this is when you need to slow down.

Shortcut #3 Overstretching Your Finances

Don’t be one of the thousands of Australians who made financial commitments beyond their means. 

Yes, you can earn returns with property investments. 

But you also need to have the cash reserve to ride out the unexpected that doesn’t go your way after the purchase.

Shortcuts to Avoid When Buying Property

It’s challenging to navigate the property market alone. 

Especially at first.

We can help.

Take that first step by applying to work with us

Together, let’s build the future you’ve always dreamed of. 

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