This Investment Shortcut

This Investment Shortcut That Will Help You Outperform Your Competition

In many ways, investing is like any other business...

You have to consider your target market carefully before making any decisions. 

You need a plan in place if you’re going to stand any chance of success.

And you’re going to face competition along the way. 

Other investors may try to buy the properties you’re interested in...

And they’re going to compete with you for the best tenants in your location.

So how do you get ahead? 

It’s all about having the right strategy that can provide you with a shortcut to success. 

Our High Performance Property Strategy focuses on three core components.

The first is that your property needs to have a positive cashflow from day one. 

You’ve heard about people flipping properties or using negative gearing strategies.

But the problem with those strategies is that they cost more money than they’re worth. 

Negative gearing comes with all sorts of risks that a new investor definitely shouldn’t take on.

And flipping is all well and good... 

until you end up with a property that goes over budget.

If a property offers positive cashflow from the moment you buy it, you’re making a profit from day one.

That means you can start building equity so you can expand your portfolio.

And that leads us to our second component – the potential for value adds. 

Does the property offer room for a granny flat? 

Are there little renovations that you can make to add value?

Or perhaps a subdivision?

If you’ve got a positive cashflow property with room for improvement, you’re onto a winner.

You can add value to achieve even higher yields. 

Plus, you make the property more attractive to tenants, which puts you ahead of the competition.

And finally, the third component is…

Strong future capital growth.

Create the compounding asset that will grow your wealth.

So how do you get all three?

At Dashdot, our goal is to help you build wealth so you can create the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Put the kids through university. 

Plan for the perfect retirement.

Free yourself from the worries of everyday expenses.

APRA in 2019

Are you ready?

Start taking action on your High Performance Property journey.

 Together, let’s build the future you both want, and need. 

Looking for property?

Start investing the 'new way'.

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