What does building a property portfolio mean to you?

To us, it’s all about obtaining financial freedom. 

It’s about knowing that you’re generating a passive income that will support you no matter what happens.

But here’s where most investors struggle…

They get to one or two properties and they realise they can’t access any more financing.

They hit a ceiling and they can’t break through.

That happens because they’ve made a couple of key mistakes that you need to avoid…

Here are two of them.

Mistake #1 – Not Focusing on Cashflow

A lot of new investors focus on just getting a property under their belts. 

They’ll worry about the cashflow later….

That’s a huge mistake.

If you have positive cashflow from the beginning, you can start putting money towards your next property.

If you don’t, you’ve got to pull the property up to the right standard before you can move forward…

That often involves sinking thousands of dollars into it, which delays your portfolio building efforts.

Mistake #2 – Paying Over the Odds

Here’s what so many new investors forget.

Investing is a business. 

You need a plan and you need to buy based on what offers the highest returns.

But you may fall victim to emotion along the way.

Perhaps you fall in love with a property and feel like you need to have it. 

Or, you think that paying a little over the odds will get the property now.

You can always focus on making a profit later…

That’s another huge mistake.

If you’re paying more than you should for a property, you immediately put yourself in a financial hole.

You’ve got to dig your way back out before you can move forward again.  

That’s going to cost you money and slow down your portfolio building.

If you’re going to manufacture the future that you hope and dream for… 

You need to avoid these mistakes.

Portfolio Building Mistakes That Cost You $$

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