The Key Value Multipliers

The Key Value Multipliers to Look for In High-Performance Property

Do you have a dream of financial independence?

You may have heard that property investments are the way to go to generate passive income...

...and secure your financial future.

  • High yield properties can put real cash flow in your pocket from day one.
  • High growth properties give you access to generational wealth.

But you can supercharge the process by adding value to your high-performance property, too.

As Warren Buffett once said:

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Take a look at some ways of adding value to your property investments...

...and putting it into hyperactive drive.

Supercharge Your Asset with These Key Value Multipliers 

Subdivide a Block

Subdivisions are relatively simple in principle.

You buy a block of land and split it into multiple blocks.

You could then build on them and hold, increasing your total rental income...

...Or you can sell some or all of the blocks for profit.

The difficulty of doing this depends on where you buy your investment property.

Each local council has its own regulations.


Renovation is another popular way to add value to your property.

And you don’t have to break your budget to do this.

Sure, you can overhaul the entire property...

...But it can get harder to recoup your investment.

Smaller renovations like replacing carpeting or painting add value.

Also, new fixtures are a great way to add modern appeal to your property on a budget.

Build Granny Flats/Boarding House Conversions

Granny flats are self-contained units adjacent to the main property.

A granny flat can add extra value to your investment as well as rental income.

Boarding houses work a little different.

Instead of building a granny flat, you can convert the main home.

Each room represents a separate rental opportunity with a shared common area and kitchen.

Creating opportunities for manufacturing growth is part of the Holy Trinity of Real Estate Investment.

You don’t necessarily have to do it...

...But it’s a great way to create higher value for your investments.

Ready to start multiplying the value?


And remember, stay awesome, and keep dreaming bigger.

Looking for property?

Start investing the 'new way'.

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