Best Choice for Busy Investor

Residential or Commercial: Which is the Best Choice for the Busy Investor?

You’re at a party and you can’t help overhearing the conversation…

Somebody’s telling somebody else about the property they’ve just bought…

They’ve added to their portfolio again and they’re making so much money…

Nobody can blame you if the green-eyed monster starts to emerge. 

That little pang of jealousy comes from a simple thought:

“That could be me.”

And it definitely could.

Property investment is your ticket to building generational wealth…

…and creating financial freedom.

You head back home and start looking into it….

Like so many other budding investors, you run into one big question right off the bat….

Should I invest in commercial or residential property?

There are good cases to make for both sides…

Here, we’re going to show you why residential may be the way to go for the busy investor.

The Commercial Property Conundrum

At first glance, the benefits of commercial property seem amazing.

You get tenants who take on much longer leases, the costs aren’t crazy, and the yields look impressive.

Your tenants might even handle a lot of the maintenance work themselves.

However, there are some issues that you need to consider before investing.

Commercial properties experience a lot more footfall, which creates added risk for damage.

The property could also sit vacant for a long time before you find a suitable tenant.

As long as the eventual lease might be, you may have to spend several months finding someone to fill the property.

This can cause cashflow issues if you’re not prepared for it.

Why Residential Property May be the Answer

We’re not going to say that residential property is always better than commercial property.

In many cases, a commercial property investment can prove extremely fruitful.

But we will say that the right residential property is usually better for the busy investor.

The key is to find a high-performance property at a below-market price.

You’re looking for something that offers high growth and high yields while having the potential for value adds.

Dashdot can help you find that property.

Our High Performance Property Plan can help you find the perfect properties for your portfolio.

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