Investment Buyers Agent

dashdot is a team of Investment Buyers Agent based in Melbourne and Sydney with years of extensive experience in the industry Australia wide.

Who are dashdot – investment buyers agents?

At dashdot – investment buyers agents, we are a team of property investment specialists, with a vision to assist Australians achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth, through their investment in real estate. We are Sydney-based, but operate Australia-wide, so whether you’re looking for an investment buyers agent Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or any other Australian city, we are here to help you build your wealth. Experienced investors wanting to grow their real estate portfolio or individuals that are completely new to the investment property market will benefit equally from the expertise delivered by our qualified and dedicated team of property investment specialists.

What does an investment buyers agent do?

That’s a valid question. Purchasing an investment property is no cheap feat, so it certainly pays (quite literally!) to have a thorough understanding of the real estate game. Whilst you could go out, look for a property yourself and purchase it, enlisting the service of a suitably experienced investment buyers agent will ensure that you get the best return for your investment. One of the key aims of an investment buyers agent is to ensure that you don’t overpay, and that you are fully informed during your real estate purchase. Here at dashdot, our property buyers agents provide you with complete, personalized property investment support from the very beginning of sourcing an appropriate investment property, through to after your purchase is settled. We manage the entire process for you, including:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current situation and individual investor needs
  • Thoroughly researching and short-listing appropriate properties that meet your needs
  • Inspecting and compiling a comprehensive property report
  • Overseeing and arranging the necessary building and pest inspections, surveys and reports
  • Negotiation of fair price and terms and exchange of contracts
  • Property settlement and beyond.

Why do I need an investment buyers agent?

Simply, enlisting an investment buyers agent give you a great advantage by having your own advocate, who is entirely focused on representing your best interests throughout the entire property purchase process. At dashdot property buyers agents, our property investment specialists are experts in finding reasonably-priced properties in growth areas. This means your investment will deliver you solid financial returns from day dot.

I’m looking for an investment buyers agent Melbourne, can dashdot help?

Of course! Dashdot’s investment buyers agents in Melbourne have a extensive experience in property investment in Melbourne. Before buying an investment property, it is very important to be informed about the key market drivers in the area. Our investment buyers agents in Melbourne have an excellent understanding of the current property trends. For both experienced investors and new investors wanting to start their property portfolio, Melbourne presents some excellent opportunities for investment in some of the city’s most affordable surrounding suburbs. Melbourne has great appeal for it’s affordable entry prices, fast growth rates and great rental returns. Through close consultation with you, your investment buyers agent in Melbourne will be able to guide you towards a high-performing investment property to grow your property portfolio.

Your investment buyers agent is constantly conducting comprehensive market research at the macro, micro, property and street level, carefully searching for investment and properties that are listed under market value, and have net positive yields and good capital growth prospects. We particularly consider whether these properties can be subdivided or renovated to even further increase the return on your investment. We have an excellent understanding of the Australian property market trends and cycles. We consider changes to infrastructure, tenancy rates, population trends, and economic forecasts, which all ultimately give us a picture of supply and demand. This makes our agents here at dashdot experts in the Australian property market. Your investment buyers agent in Melbourne will reduce your buyer’s risk and maximize your probability of a long-term successful investment by using all the tools at their disposal.

How do I contact your investment buyers agent to discuss my needs?

Here at dashdot, we are committed to ensuring that the buyers best interests are put first. We strongly value honesty, integrity and transparency, so you can be sure that you are in capable hands. If you would like to know more about how dashdot’s property buyers agents can get you started on your journey to wealth creation, you can get in touch with our property investment specialists by filling out the ‘Contact Us’ form.