Now… there’s a lot of mystery surrounding property investment for the average Australian…

That’s why most people don’t even try it.

And that’s despite the fact that it’s the best way to build towards the future that you’ve always wanted…

You worry that it’s too complex to deal with or that you’re taking on too much risk…

It’s time to demystify the market.

We help you do that by working with you to create your High Performance Property Plan.

But here, we’re going to take a look at one of the metrics that can affect your choices…

The unemployment rate.

What is it?

The unemployment rate measures the number of unemployed people in a certain location.

Location is the key word here.

The national unemployment rate isn’t always indicative of the rate in a specific location.

If the local economy’s booming, the rate’s going to be quite low.

But if it’s struggling, more people will struggle to find work.

How Does it Affect Your Choices?

The real effect of the unemployment rate lies in how it impacts the economy.

If the rate’s low, you’ve found a location that’s in high demand.

Most of the population is in work, which means they’re more likely to be able to access financing.

Plus, they feel confident in their ability to make repayments, be it on a mortgage or for rent.

This increased demand can drive your property’s value up.

However, it has an even greater effect on rental yields.

Competition for rental properties rises, which means you can command higher rents and increase your yield.

In fact, an upward trend in rental prices is a key indicator that a location’s about to enter a boom period.

Couple that with a decline in vacancy rates and you have two key indicators of a strong economy.

In this case, demand’s catching up with supply and increasing the value equation all round.

Rate Affect Property Investment Location

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