What do you need to look for when searching for any investment property?

We could go into all sorts of details here. We could talk about the macroeconomic and microeconomic stuff, which is all important.

But there’s a simpler way to look at the strategy that helps you to identify the perfect property.

We affectionately call it the “Holy Trinity of Real Estate Investing”.

We believe that there are three things that you need to look for in a property.

High Yield

Forget all of that stuff about negative gearing that you might have heard.

It’s a difficult strategy to pull off and changing regulations make it even harder.

If you’re new to investing, you should be looking for one thing – positive cash flow.

That means your property has to generate as high a yield as possible.

You need to know that you’re getting a stable income from the moment that you take on a tenant.

If the yield’s so low that you struggle to pay the property’s expenses, look for something else.

High Growth

Always invest with the future in mind.

That’s the idea behind searching for a high growth property.

You want your investment property to increase in value over time. 

If you want to build your property legacy, capital growth is what will get you there.

The great thing about real estate is that it allows you to control an asset of high value for a comparatively low investment.

You can then leverage that asset’s growth to invest in more properties.

Value Adds

Once you have your property, it’s time to supercharge it.

Value-adds are the simple things you can do to create value fast.

Buying under market value is a value-add. 

It gives you immediate access to equity that you can recycle for other investments.

Cosmetic renovations, building a granny flat, and creating subdivisions all fall into this category too.

What do you get if your property offers everything in the “Holy Trinity”?

A high-performance property that makes true wealth building possible, in a fast, low risk, and highly profitable way.

"Holy Trinity" of Real Estate Investing

Now, of course, it’s time to find that property

…because, why settle for mediocrity?

Want to buy your own “Holy Trinity” property?

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