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15 minutes that could change your life. Our discovery calls are for anyone who is ready to kickstart their property investment journey.

It's all about you, Check out the FAQ.

What do I need to prepare for the call?

Watch our video so you can understand more about our approach, and bring any questions you might have to the call we’ll do our best to answer them live, or send follow-up resources if needed.

Who will be taking the call?

Our expert team of consultants will guide you through the discovery process.

How much money do I need to start?

We recommend that you have borrowing capacity, enough savings, and/or equity for a 60k minimum. Although this is not due up front this is the base we suggest to get started.

How long does the process take from the 15 min call?

If you qualify to work with us, the next step will be a 45-minute strategy session with one of our advisors. From here, it takes 8 - 14 weeks from signing up to settlement.

When is a good time to get start?

Most people get started when they know they will get or already have pre-approval from a broker or bank. However, we can still help you prepare for what you need if you’re not at that stage yet.

Why should I use Dashdot?

We’re an all-in-one service that gives you the certainty that you’re buying the right property, in the right place, at the right time through world-first tech and data insights. And, we lead you through the process with our team of experts from start to finish. Think high-tech intel meets high-touch service.

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