Case Study #5

Price: $285,000
Est Market Value: $325,000
Rent: $315pw
Yield: 5.6%

Property Description: 4 bedroom, 2 bath, highset
Strategies:  Under Market Value, Granny Flat, Positive Cashflow, Capital Growth, Cosmetic Renovation
State:  QLD

We are so excited that this property has finally settled, and that our clients have purchased a great foundational asset for their portfolio. Not only is it solidly cashflow positive, but we managed to negotiate this for $40k under comparable market value.

Our clients are so happy, in fact, that we’re already talking about property number 2!

This particular area has seen rental demand increase strongly over the past few months, indicating an increase in population pressure, with vacancy rates just over 1.5% and trending downwards.


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What our clients says

“Thanks to Goose and Gabi, I was able to clearly understand the strategy required to set me on a path to financial freedom. This strategy has become an action plan, and their ability to find the perfect deals to suit my goals is absolutely amazing. I can’t thank them enough!”

Amanda (27)

“The knowledge, care, and guidance provided by Gabi and Goose gives us every confidence that we will be able to replace our income in the next 5 years”

Jacquie (34) and Steve (36)

“Analysis Paralysis was stopping us from taking the next steps, even though we both talked about how we never felt we’d get out of the ‘rat race’. Thanks to dashdot, we’re finally on that journey to the life we’ve been dreaming of!”

Kerry (51) and Lisa (48)

“I always thought I knew what I was doing when it came to property investing, but after working with dashdot, I realised I was only ever speculating… These guys have really shown me what it means to invest intelligently, and to make a property work from day one”

Sam (39)

“I’d pretty much resigned to the fact that I would never own a home, let alone an investment property portfolio. Dashdot helped me come up with a strategy that will help me leapfrog into buying multiple properties in only a few years. I feel like my whole future has changed – I couldn’t be more excited!!”

Charlie (28)