How This Young Couple Bought 2 Properties Within 1 Year - Without Lifting A Finger

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Ever wondered if it’s possible to earn money to support your ambitions without having to overwork yourself?

Ever wanted to build a wealth machine that can help you to achieve your freedom goals without working two jobs, or worrying, or losing sleep at night?

Well, you’re not alone.

Let me tell you about Jabin and Cherish, who were in a similar position.

They knew that they wanted to steer toward a lifestyle of working less and enjoying themselves more.

Not only that, they knew that to achieve this, they needed to build a prolific, powerful property portfolio… and fast.


Like most young couples, they already had a lot on their plate, juggling the stresses and pressures of developing their career whilst meeting life’s every present demands.


Their intentions were clear - they wanted to substitute their PAYG income with a hands-free, reliable, recurring revenue stream to give them the freedom to travel more and work less.


They also knew that finding the right investment properties to suit their goals would mean looking outside of their own backyard.

Unfortunately, they lacked the time, knowledge and resources to make that happen.

This is where we came in…

When Jabin and Cherish first heard about us, they weren’t sure that we would be able to help them achieve their goals and within their time frames...

But they contacted us, knowing they had nothing to lose.

What they liked about us was our ability to deliver a high quality, high touch human service, whilst also finding properties that would outperform the average investor.

Since then, we’ve been able to help them to secure 2 properties in just 6 months by leveraging our advanced research and analytics and our high-performance team..

And, their results have been nothing short of mind-blowing.

With our help, they secured a property that has achieved an ROI of 58.9% in just 8 months that has grown 13.6% in value since purchase.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Purchase Price: $279,000
Gross Yield: 6.3%
Cashflow: $4,161
Cash required for purchase: $71,595
Months Since Purchase: 10 Months
August 2021 Bank Valuation: $317,000
Total % Growth Since Purchase: 13.6%
Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $38,000
Return On Capital Invested: 58.9%

And that’s only the first property.

They’ve also secured a second investment property with our help that has increased in value by 3.2% in just two months since its purchase.

Here are the details of the second property:

Purchase Price: $310,000
Gross Yield: 6.4%
Cashflow: $2,496
Cash required for purchase: $58,973
Months Since Purchase: 4 Months
August 2021 Bank Valuation: $320,000
Total % Growth Since Purchase: 3.2%
Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $10,000
Return On Capital Invested: 4.0%

Jabin and Cherish are building the life they want to live and will soon have the freedom to live life exactly how they want to and spend time doing what they enjoy.

Here’s what Jabin and Cherish have said about us:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A perfect team to join us on our property investment journey. Goose, Gabi and the team were amazing throughout the whole process. From understanding our goals to finding a suitable property and settling on it, they handled everything. The whole process was seamless and at no point did we feel rushed or pressured to go for anything less than ideal. We couldn't ask for a better and more attentive team. Thanks heaps guys and we look forward to many more years working together.”

- Jabin & Cherish

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