Father Of 3 Makes 80.1% ROI On Investment Property & Well On The Way To Building A Legacy

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Meet Simon.

He’s married.

He’s got 3 kids.

But he doesn't have financial independence.

Not yet.

But Simon is a man with a plan. When he first reached out to us he told us he wanted:

His passive income to replace his current income in ten years.
Free time to go on vacations with his family.
To leave a legacy for his children and grandchildren.

Simon, though, is a little different than most of the clients we work with. Simon knows alot about real estate because he’s been studying it for two decades.


He got stuck when it came to pulling the trigger. That’s because he’d overanalyse things... and then procrastinate.

So this forced him to miss some great opportunities.

And that’s when he realised he needed help - our help.

So he booked a session and we had a great chat.

During this chat, he said he wanted to acquire up to 10 properties in the next 5 years. And he didn’t want to spend much of his time acquiring them.

So, we got down to work.

We searched the market and before long, we found the ideal property for him. We negotiated on his behalf and we were able to secure it.

Today, that property is posting remarkable results.

It has a gross yield of 6.9% and has increased in value by $45,000 since he bought it.

Even more, Simon has made a 84.0% return on the capital he invested!

Here are the results of the property at a glance:

Purchase Price: $280,000
Gross Yield: 6.9%
Cashflow: $5,081
Cash required for purchase: $59,644
Months Since Purchase: 12
December 2021 Comm Bank Valuation: $325,000
Total % Growth Since Purchase: 16.1%
Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $45,000
Return On Capital Invested: 84.0%

This is the first leg of Simon’s property journey. And we’re looking forward to supporting him for many legs to come!

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