Busy Couple Lands 66.4% ROI In 5 Months With One Investment Property

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Ever felt like you’re spending too much time at work but it doesn’t reflect in your bank account?

Yes, you’re making money.

…Well, some money.

But it feels as if you’re sacrificing way too much to get that cash…

And that money isn’t even enough to live the life that you wanted!

If it sounds familiar, keep reading…

Our clients, Steve and Julia, had that exact same feeling.

You see, they’re happily married with 3 children.

And they both work crazy hours each week, as they have yet to pay off the mortgage on their own home.

As a result, they barely have enough time left to spend with their children each week.

The couple knew that money would solve these problems.

The money would make it possible for them to:

  • Spend less time at work
  • Pay off their mortgage
  • Secure the future of their kids
  • Buy a gigantic 60-foot yacht

They just had no idea how to achieve these goals.

Now, they’re aware that real estate was a possible solution. But they were skeptical.

And it’s because of the stories they’ve heard about people who’d gotten it wrong.

Bottom line: They had doubts about entering the real estate industry… until they met us.

So, Steve and Julia booked a call where we explained everything they needed to know about real estate investing.

We also told them about the mistakes that people who got it wrong made…

And we assured them that won’t be the case with us!

Upon hearing all that, guess what?

Their skepticism melted like snow under the sun!

So, they opened up to us and told us about their goals.

So, we got down to work.

Before long, we secured their first property.

And five months after its purchase, that property is posting fantastic results.

With a yield of 7.1%, it has gained $33,000 in value.

And the couple has netted a 66.4% return on the capital they invested!

Here are the full details of how that property has performed:

Portfolio results:

Purchase Price$285,000
Gross Yield: 7.1%
Cash required for purchase: $59,875
Months Since Purchase: 10
December 2021 Comm Bank Valuation: $318,000
Total % Growth Since Purchase: 11.6%
Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $33,000
Return On Capital Invested: 66.4%

This is what Steve & Julia had to say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Simply Fantastic
" I had basically no property investing knowledge at all. After reading several property articles and listening to a few Podcasts I came across Dashdot. Goose was second to none cutting to the chase and helping me get to the stuff I needed to know and explaining their strategy to me. After some further review of the info he provided we got going with our momentum call and locked in a plan. Nic then took over the reins and walked us through every step to get us to contract. Then Jas and Lana joined in to help finalise the details and we were settled. The whole team throughout the process were 'Simply Fantastic'. Looking forward to starting again for property 2 in the very near future!  ”

- Steve & Julia

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