$120k in a day? Discover how

Tell me...

How would you like to make $120k in a day without doing anything?

Now… I know that sounds ridiculous…

But, let me tell you about a couple of clients of ours who recently did just that.

These two guys are business partners, who came to work with us because they had mastered the art of profitable business building… and as awesome as this is, it was also an achilles heel.

They had never really worked out how to create real wealth outside of their business.

It was time to start building a real estate portfolio.

Which is where we came in.

And, whilst their results are not typical…

They deserve extra credit for securing this opportunity during the middle of the COVID panic, when everyone else was waiting in the wings.

So, let’s talk about the deal

Well first things first… it was actually two properties… though this was never the original plan.

We set out to buy one property, but when we found two almost identical properties side by side….

And on a corner block…
And developable...
And under market value…

We couldn’t say no!

In total, across the two neighbouring properties…

Purchase Price: $880k ($440k Each)
Bank Valuation: $1m ($500k Each)

That is $120,000 in bank valued instant equity!!

But… that’s not all.

It is also subdividable into FOUR lots (which we plan to do in a couple of years)

Has existing tenants….

Is in an area of just 0.2% Vacancy Rate…

And is pulling in a yield of just a shade under 5%

… is this the deal of the year, or what!?

This is what Nathan & Sean had to say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Goose was very helpful with our property purchase. He managed to find us an awesome deal which created instant equity. Definitely would recommend using Dashdot's services. We are lining up our next purchase now.

- Nathan and Sean

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