Borderless Investing Specialists

dashdot is a team of Borderless Investing Specialists based in Melbourne and Sydney with years of extensive experience in the industry Australia wide.

Who are dashdot’s borderless investing specialists?

At dashdot – investment buyers agents, we are borderless investing specialists. We help Aussies achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth, through investment in real estate. Whilst we are based in Sydney, we operate throughout Australia. Regardless of whether you’re looking for borderless investing specialists Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or any other Australian location, dashdot are here at your service. Our qualified and dedicated team of professionals is ready to share their expertise with both experienced investors who want to grow their real estate portfolio, and individuals that are just getting into the investment property market, alike. We are here to offer professional advice and guidance when it comes to diversifying your portfolio through borderless investing.

What is borderless investing?

Borderless investing is a great way to increase your potential for growth by considering investment properties outside of your home state. Investing in a region other than your own is a great way to spread yourself across multiple property markets. Not all of our Australian states move in the same cycle. If another state is at a more favourable stage in its property cycle, this could allow you to benefit from higher capital growth rates in the future. Therefore, being open to investing in another state can be a great way of timing the market to get your best chance of jumping in at the increasing stage of the cycle, allowing you to get the best growth benefits in the 24-26 months following your investment. Diversifying by investing in property in multiple locations is also advantageous in minimizing buyers’ risk. While it doesn’t guarantee against losses, borderless investing can help you offset changing market environments and economic drivers like vacancy and employment changes. It helps secure your real estate investment portfolio for the future.

What do borderless investing specialists do?

When it comes to borderless investing, there is a lot of information to consider. As borderless investing specialists, our agents here at dashdot are experts in interstate purchases. Were you aware that there are often significant differences in stamp duty regimes, land tax structures, cooling off periods and contractual processes? Our professionals are able to assist you with all of this. We can help you understand the differences between states so that there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Our borderless investing specialists do the work in sourcing affordable properties in areas that are undergoing growth. What this means for you, is that your investment delivers good financial returns from the get-go. Our borderless investing specialists and throughout capital cities are constantly looking for both home-owner and investment properties all over Australia, that are under market value, that have net positive yields and the potential for significant capital growth. Our specialists assess whether these properties can potentially be improved by renovations or subdivision in order to maximize the return on your investment. We look beyond your backyard, expanding your horizons and allowing you to diversify your portfolio.

Our borderless investing specialists are experts when it comes to conducting widespread property research. We are constantly reviewing the market trends across the Australian states, looking at the macro, micro, property and street level. This means we are incredibly knowledgeable in borderless investing Melbourne, in Sydney, in Brisbane and throughout Australian cities and regions. Not only does dashdot’s team have an exceptional understanding of property trends and cycles, we know the details. Our specialists understand infrastructure changes and tenancy rates, supply and demand, population trends and economic forecasts. Our borderless investing specialists prepare detailed financial analyses, and through the use of our assessment checklist, we help you expand your horizons to become a borderless investor, while minimizing your buyer’s risk.

How can I contact borderless investing specialists to discuss my needs?

Here at dashdot, our borderless investing specialists are committed to ensuring that the buyers best interests are always put first. Our core values of honesty, integrity and transparency, mean that you can be sure that you are in good company. We would love the opportunity to show you how you can get started on your journey to creating wealth with borderless investing. Get in touch with our borderless investing specialists today, by filling out the ‘Contact Us’ form.