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Be Greedy When Everyone Else is Fearful

We’re not looking to steer anybody’s political views.

However, the results of the election have definitely provided some certainty around some of the big property issues like negative gearing and the capital gains discount.

Labor’s proposal of repealing negative gearing on established homes caused a fair bit of worry leading up to election day...

...and created a bit of a pause in the market as everyone was waiting to see what would happen. 

Now that the dust has settled, buyers are coming back out into the market because they’re confident that negative gearing is still viable.

But at Dashdot, we always recommend investing in a positively-geared property from the start.

Avoiding all of these worries about tax issues is a big part of that.

And, going for a positively-geared portfolio also puts money in your pocket straight away. 

It’s also going to improve your serviceability, which means you find it easier to get a loan.

That’s going to help you to build your portfolio.

Because, to be honest, regardless of who won the election, negative gearing will be back on the table in the next election... 

...and the same uncertainty will grip the investor market yet again.

So again, instead of chancing it, buy positively-geared from the start.

It’s all about de-risking your strategy so you don’t have to worry about who’s sitting in office in four years.

That’s the key message that we want to deliver.

Positively-geared property is your best defence against any talk or speculation on negative gearing law changes - now, in 4 years, and well beyond.

That’s assuming you find a high-performance property. 

With Dashdot, you can find a property that offers high growth and high yield with value adds.

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