5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Buyers Agent

Let’s face it: buying a property isn’t cheap.

That’s pretty much one of the reasons why it’s called an investment in the first place. Naturally, using a buyers agent will cost you more, so you might wonder why the hell would I want to use a buyers agent?

Buyers agents charge a fee for doing the dirty work for you, from finding a property to buy down to finalising the sale on your behalf. Can you do those on your own? Sure, maybe. But here’s a more important question:

Can you do it right and can you make sure that the property you find will let you make the most of your investment?

Here at Dashdot, we’re not here just to find you a house to live in or a property to flip. Our main driving force is our goal to help every Australian grow their wealth through real estate investing. We’re looking at GROWTH here—the BIG picture, the LONG-TERM benefits.

So now, even if you go online and look for homes or properties for sale in let’s say Sydney or Melbourne, it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll find a property that suits these three important categories: capital growth, positive cash flow, and value-add opportunities.

When you work with property buyers agents in Melbourne or Sydney or wherever you can reap the benefits and you won’t regret spending extra for the professional service. Read on as I break down further why you’re better off working with an established buyers agent like Dashdot:

1 – We have the experience and we know what to watch out for.

At Dashdot, we look beyond the superficial. Because of our experience, we know what to look for in a property to determine how viable an investment it can be. You might look at curb appeal, cozy interiors, fresh exteriors and the like, but other than that, we look at value—not just the current one, but its potential future value as we take into consideration a lot of other factors such as long-term economic indicators in the area.

However, it will all still depend on your goals, budget, and preferences. Before we even get started, we will sit down with you so we can talk about what you need and want. And with our experience and knowledge of the industry, we’ll recommend ways how we can work together to maximize the potential of your intended investment.

2 – We know the market.

This is our work and day by day, we do our best to keep improving in our profession. We spend hours and hours on networking and planning and researching and learning the ins and outs of the market. We keep ourselves up-to-date with real estate trends and news, and we familiarise ourselves in everything real estate, on both a local and national level.

You’re most likely in a different industry than ours and you might even have a day job that’s totally unrelated to real estate. Sure, you can sit down one weekend in front of your phone or computer and do some research, but that’s probably just about it. I’m confident you can also learn the foundational principles, but it will take time before you can apply them to your investment plan yourself alone.

As your property buyer's agent, we will break down the specifics for you.

Through intensive, sufficient, and continuous research and analysis, we understand the strengths and opportunities of particular local areas. We also know their weaknesses and threats.

With such knowledge, we can provide you with research-backed advice—is the property overpriced? Can you add value to the property later on? Can you get it at a much lower price? Does it have the potential to generate positive cash flow and continuous capital growth?

3 – We can go where you can’t.

Let’s say you’re based in Sydney and want to buy a property in Melbourne, but you have a job and other things you need to personally attend to. Cut it short, you can’t be in two places at one time.

We’re proud to have established a research partnerships and a network of local agents who can provide the best guidance, and real-life inspections, across the entire nation.

And because we are working for and with you, you can trust us to take care of your best interest anywhere we go.

We’ll take care of things for you and you won’t even have to leave your home office to build your portfolio (Unless you really want to!)

4 – We’ll take on the stress for you.

Real estate investing is fulfilling, especially once you start getting the gains. But let me be upfront with you: the entire process can be quite stressful and overwhelming.

First, there are A LOT of properties out there that at first glance, meet your preferences. If you do the property search yourself, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the options.

Second, there’s the analysis of finance and economics, as well as other important factors to study and consider.

Third, there will be negotiations, documentations, and meetings.

I can go and on with everything that happens in a single prospecting and sale and if at this point you’re already thinking, this is a lot of work, then you should probably take that as a sign that you’ll better off working with a property buyers agent.

5 – We have the connections.

We’ve been doing this for some time now and along the way, we’ve met people and developed relationships with them. People who can help us, help you, in achieving your real estate investment goals.

From local agents to property managers and even renovation contractors, we know who to call and who are the ones to rely on.

Real estate investing isn’t cheap, so you need to get it right so as not to waste not just your money, but time and opportunity. And by working with the right property buyers agent, you’ll have a strong head start toward achieving your goals and dreams.

If you have any questions, or want us to help you build your very own High Performance Property portfolio, then I invite you to take our 15-second application questionnaire.

Let’s take action, together.

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