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Wayne and Mona wanted to achieve $50k in passive income as quickly as possible.

That’s because even though both have great income sources…

Wayne being the owner of multiple Early Learning Childcare centres…

And Mona being a well-paid HR Executive.

They know they can’t keep working forever.

At one point, Wayne’s going to have to hand over his business to someone else…

And Mona will have to retire from her job.

Otherwise they may be faced with potentially massive lifestyle downgrades.

And we can’t have that!

So, the Dashdot team got to work… and we found them three good investment properties…

Plus a FOURTH one that they’re currently under contract for…

… all in under a year.

This couple is serious about their goals.

Now, take a look at this investment. It was made during a time when everybody was saying it’s a bad time to buy property.

And it was when the RBA kept raising and raising rates (who says you can’t find amazing deals when interest rates are going up and up?):

Anyway, here’s the deal…

Property #1

Purchase Price: $455,000

Cash required for purchase: $175,567

Months Since Purchase: 6.7 months

Feb 2023 Bank Valuation: $508,000

Total % Growth Since Purchase: 11.65%

Total $ Growth Since Purchase: $53,000

Return On Capital Invested: 30.9%


Impressive, right?

But what’s more impressive is that their overall portfolio value is now at $6.3M.

By our projections, Wayne and Mona are well on target to achieve their goal.

The best part?

We could work the same magic for you!

Then book a free, no obligation, 15-minute session with us at:

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