Property Investment Strategy & Acquisition Services

Access revolutionary research to clarify your strategy and achieve your goals sooner.


Clarify your strategy

Meet your new powerteam and collaborate with them on where you are now, where you want to be, and how to strategically purchase assets that move you closer to your goals.


Buy a property

Leverage our proprietary in-house research system — without doing the work — as your powerteam scour the country for the ultimate cashflow positive property that perfectly fits your brief, then guides you through every step of the purchasing process


Review and repeat

Reconvene with the team on your purchase, and restrategize on what the next step needs to look like to maintain momentum towards your goals. Receive insights and reports on your portfolio’s performance for life.

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Get to know us, so we can get to know you.

dashdot –

At Dashdot, we have a mission to help everyday Australians achieve financial independence and to build generational wealth, through the vehicle of real estate investment

Our core values center around honesty, transparency, and integrity – and we are committed to ensuring your best interests are put first.

Dashdot specialises in sourcing property investment, borderless investing, home owner properties that are under market value, with net positive yields, strong capital growth prospects, and that have value add potential through various instruments including subdivisions and renovations.

We focus on affordable properties, in growth areas, that will deliver strong financial returns from day one.

To achieve this, Dashdot undertakes extensive research at the Macro, Micro, Property and street level, coupled with our assessment checklist and financial analysis reports – reducing your risk, and maximising your chance of success.


To find out how you can start your wealth creation journey, simply get in touch with dashdot property buyers advocate using the form below.

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